The Gwladys Street End – Everton FC

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9 Responses to “The Gwladys Street End – Everton FC”

  1. EFCAshyB1878 Says:

    @paulbefc Most atmosphere has gone in every football ground in this country now lad so yeah it’s not as good as it was but the Gwladys still has a brilliant atmosphere!

  2. nataliebob06 Says:

    I remember this game the main reason for the roof nearly comin off is cause we were 3rd in the table.

  3. paulbefc Says:

    is it just me or has the street end atmosphere got worse more recently, that boro game was a scrappy 1-0 and the roof was coming off. Wouldn’t get that these days

  4. dunco1994 Says:

    season ticket holder in lower gwladys since 2001-02 to 2010-11, have renewed for next year but am moving permanently away from liverpool :/

  5. FelipeRibeir Says:

    Sensational! Here in Brazil, the crowd of Coritiba Foot Ball Club, was a party that was called the Green Hell. There were thousands of green flags that were lit at the same time.

    Respect from Coritiba!

    Look: watch?v=XWUqEnziXfo&feature=fvwrel

  6. bmd994 Says:

    how do u pronounce gwladys?
    is it glad-iss? thanks x

  7. TrueEvertonFan Says:

    Once A Blue Always A Blue An Good Video.

  8. EVERTONPAUL1878 Says:

    great footage that mate


  9. 16everton16 Says:

    cnt beat the street end